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We just bought a new house and went to Home Depot to look at the countertops , we are looking at laminate, however I am confused are they talking about the laminate sheet that you can just roll over the old or whatever or are they talking about the kind that is preformed? Our old ones are laminate and we are going to completely take them off, the color I want says 20$ per sq foot installed so they are talking about the entire countertop? Correct? And also my husband is handy are laminate countertops easy to install because its only $12 per sq foot if you just buy it, does it come in a slab like the ones you can buy that are already pre cut? Sorry just a little confused

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Home Depot does sell preformed countertops as well as many other types. They usually only carry a few straight pieces in stock. The rest is special order. Special orders are made by some other company that manufacturers countertops.   Home Depot then marks up their price to sell to you.  Search around locally in any modest sized city and you will most likely find a countertop manufacturer that will install it for you or sell it for your husband to install, with either option being cheaper than Home Depot. As an added bonus the company that specializes in countertops will have more expertise and better advise than the minimally trained sales person at Home Depot.

Search for: countertop stores /your city or countertop manufacturers/your city to find local manufacturers.   Call several places and ask:

  1.  do you have a show room. 
  2. do you sell retail. 
  3. how much per liner foot installed vs. how much per liner foot if you do it your self.

Good Luck

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