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water under the house questions

Kathy E. asked

on  water under the house:

Recently we discovered water under the house when we had an electrician replace a wire to our ac/heating system.  The ground slopes a little in our crawl space and on the low side there was about 2 or 3 inches of water under the house.  What should we do?

water under the house answer

Hello Kathy,

There are several reasons for having standing water under the house none of which are good.

It is important for the health of your home and your family that you find and eliminate the cause of the standing water under the house.  Prolonged high moisture levels under the house can lead to excessive mold growth as well as decay of the structural members. Excess moisture and high humidity will allow the organisms responsible for wood rot to live on and in the floor joists, support beams and band.  Over time these organisms can soften and weaken the floor system enough to compromise the entire floor structure. In addition the high humidity levels will shorten the life of any metal duct work under the house.

To redress this problem:

  • ensure the standing water under the house is not plumbing related by having the home inspected by a plumber or other qualified expert
  • ensure rain water drains away from the exterior foundation
  • consider waterproofing the foundation & installing drainage lines
  • find the lowest area where water stands and install a sump and sump pump
  • consider installing a vapor barrier under the house
  • consider installing a vent fan under the house controlled by a humidistat

Any reputable plumber or home improvement company should be able to advise you as to which of the above steps are appropriate for your home.

Good Luck,


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