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Hi Tony,
I live on Long Island and need help choosing a contractor .   I’m upgrading a half bath and totally renovating the bathroom in the master bedroom. I’m going to get at least three estimates. I’m questioning whether I’m better off with a local contractor who lives in the area or a very large contractor with showrooms.

I’ve been burned and overcharged in the past by a contractor with a big showroom, but that doesn’t mean they are all dishonest. I’m making this decision on my own and appreciate your input.

Thank you for your time and for offering your expertise.


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Regardless of which you choose look for someone with a good reputation. If they are an honest contractor that does quality work, they will have clients that are happy to give them a good recommendation. Ask for contact information (phone or e-mail)from some of their past clients. They should be able to provide a minimum of five or more past clients. A contractor’s response to your request may tell you something about them also. They are not going to give you the names of unhappy clients anyway, but if you speak with three or four people they have worked for you should get a feel for how they conduct business.

Assuming honesty all around, from a cost standpoint, usually the larger the company the more overhead they must charge for. Conversely a small company (like the one I own) may not always be properly equipped to handle larger projects.

Discuss your project requirements with the potential contractors and if you approve of them on a personal level choose a smaller company that is competent to perform your work.

As a small business owner I am somewhat biased towards smaller contractors, for what I believe are valid reasons. If you choose the big show room contractor, the actual work will almost certainly be done by an in house crew or possibly sub-contractors. Neither the owner nor the showroom sales rep. is likely to supervise the work, so the ideas you discuss with the sales rep. may be filtered through several people by the time the work is done. Subtle details that are important to you may seem inconsequential to others or completely lost as instructions are relayed through the hierarchy. With smaller contractors the owner will likely be supervising and or doing the work, making communications smoother and quality of workmanship a higher priority.

I hope I have been of some service in helping you choose a great contractor and wish you much success with your project.


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Thank you for your quick response. This morning I had a salesman from a very large contracting company. He was arrogant with a bad attitude. His company contacted me through (name redacted). Kept telling me he’s just a pencil pusher and not the guy that “swings the hammer.” The worst was the disparaging remarks he made about local independent contractors and how they arrive in their beat up pick up trucks and will tell you they can’t come over until their kid’s soccer game is over. So, he’s done. I’m going with one of the local guys who lives in the neighborhood and cannot hide behind a big corporation. Thank you for your time. You presented a fair balance of things to think about for consideration, and I appreciate your time.


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