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I have a one half horsepower zoelles sump pump that will run for two seconds,  one second after the initial cycle has been completed.  Occasionally  this happens two times in a row. The check valve and sump pump are a little over a year old.  This is a high usage system that comes on multiple times each day.


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Hello Nick,

It sounds like an improperly adjusted or positioned float switch.   As water fills the sump it should raise the float switch to the on position, which should not be achieved until a significant amount of water is in the sump.   When the float switch reaches the on position it activates the sump pump which empties the sump, lowering the float switch to the off position and shutting off the pump.   This cycle repeats endlessly until the sump no longer fills or the sump pump malfunctions.

If the float switch reaches the off position before all the water is pumped from the sump a slight back wash of water will sometimes rock or raise the float switch enough to activate the sump pump for a second or two.   This does add to the number of times the switch and motor cycles on and off and may shorten the life of the unit.

If the unit is properly installed the scenario I described above can be corrected by adjusting the stops on the float switch rod, if your unit has one, or by raising, lowering or repositioning the sump pump intake in the horizontal plane, if your float switch is on a flexible cord.

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