How Power Washing Affects the Environment

How power washing affects the environment

How Power Washing Affects the Environment

At WHMS we are concerned about how power washing affects the environment, both in general and specifically how it might impact plants, animals or people around the house.

We use only common cleaners that are biodegradable and in the lowest concentrations that effectively clean your home, deck or driveway.   By first wetting down with clean water, any vegetation  that may be affected during power washing and immediately spraying it again with copious amounts of clean water after the power washing is complete,  any negative impact to vegetation is mitigated.  We require that children and pets are kept away from the areas being cleaned during the cleaning process and for a minimum of one hour after we have finished.  This allows the areas impacted by the cleaning process to dry somewhat, further minimizing any contact with the cleaning solutions.  Pet food or water bowels are removed to prevent any contamination and any containers that might collect over spray or runoff are removed from the areas to be cleaned.

The steps outlined above combined with a conscientious approach to the project in general allows us to provide excellent service while minimizing the disruption to your family and property.

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    Hi Tony. I’m a real estate agent in Roanoke, VA. I was searching for a home maintenance blog to subscribe to so that I could share tips on my Facebook page. Your blog is exactly what I was looking for. Thorough and well-written. Thanks!

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