Smart Technology for Roofs

Smart Technology for Roofs

Smart Technology for Roofs


Guest post by Matt from Fortified Roofing

New inventions with the ability to monitor themselves and provide you with an analysis through a wireless system are products that are considered smart. For the modern home, Smart appliances and systems are widely available in all aspects of the home. Supplying houses with smart technology will improve the efficiency and productivity of the home, causing your home to become more sustainable. Smart homes will give you a particular luxury, security, low operating cost, most of the times even when you are not home.

When it comes to the roof of your home, there are many new materials to choose from. Some of these materials can be considered to be Smart technology due to the sustainable characteristic they have.

Smart Technology products and systems that give your roof the “SMART” factor:

– Ice forming on a roof can lead to many problems, it can cause the home to lose heat, and as the ice or snow melts, water damage can occur. With smart technology, this problem is taken care of. Smart technology that is specifically designed to detect temperatures that form ice will allow the roof to heat itself, leading to an ice-free roof, gutter, and downpipes. This system can help you keep your house warmer during the winter and save you possible maintenance problems. These types of roofs get installed with heating cables and smart accessories that can be monitored and controlled. The smart system takes the temperature and moisture of the surrounding environment into consideration. When there is a risk of ice forming, then the heat is brought in. This system is seen as economical and energy-efficient.

– Innovative technologies on the market with the ability to make roof materials that can change color can make homes more energy-efficient. This new material is made from cooking oil that allows the roof coating to change its optical properties. When the days are hot, the color of the roof will change to a light tone, allowing sun rays to reflect which will help your home keep cooler. In the winter time, these roofs will have a darker tone that will allow the roof to absorb any available sun ray, keeping your home warmer.

– A smart inverter is a sophisticated monitoring system that analyzes the performance of the roof. Messages get sent from the installers, service technicians or homeowner to the roof and a roof analysis gets send back to the source, allowing detection of any maintenance problems that might have occurred. Upgrades of certain parameters can be made remotely.

– Solar panels are considered a good investment because it generates electricity to your home. Keeping the solar panels maintained can be hard work and is crucial for your solar panels to function properly. If your solar panels are not clean, they can lose efficiency up to 30%. Smart technology has made it possible for a homeowner with solar panels to install an automated cleaning system. All this system needs is a refill of soap and a change in water filters from time to time.

– Green Roofs:

Green roofs are considered very sustainable with many benefits such as improving storm water management, minimizing the urban heat island, protects your home and much more. Certain green roof manufacturers have taken it up a notch through high-tech innovations. Further research with the aim to improve the green living roof is making it possible for innovators to develop Smart green roofs. Although not available on the market yet, Smart green roofs can be considered roofs that are made from particular plants and soil and which uses an automated monitoring and maintenance system. Sensors will allow for the monitoring of the green roofs, keeping track of its health. An automation maintenance system will help to take care of the maintenance of the roof.

Smart technology is developing at a fast paste, and innovative manufacturers are finding ways to improve a modern home by focusing on the sustainable factor. We can look forward to more eco-friendly appliances and systems to come.

Article was created by Matt, blog writer and editor for Fortified Roofing.

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  1. John says:

    I am always amazed at the impact science has on the building industry!

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