Is deck joist tape necessary

deck joist tape can prolong the life of many decks
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Building materials, construction techniques and code requirements constantly change. Keeping up with these changes by adopting industry best practices, such as using deck joist tape, ensures lower maintenance while increasing the lifespan of many projects.
Decks are one area where keeping up with best practices is more important than ever. Changes in the the wood treating process, brought about by environmental concerns, have resulted in more eco-friendly lumber but with a corresponding reduction in protection against the elements.

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Vulnerabilities solved by deck joist tape

using deck joist tape is essential to prolong the life of decks that are re-floored
typical cracks in a deck floor joist

Decks are expected to withstand rain or snow year round for decades. However, persistent moisture is the enemy of any deck. Water trapped between boards or in hidden cracks can reduce the life expectancy of many decks. Leaves, pet hair or other debris caught between floor boards may hold moisture. This can foster fungal growth that breaks down wood. Additionally, splits or cracks in the top of deck floor joists hold water that may freeze and expand. This may widen the cracks and cause screws or nails to loosen. If an older decks is re-floored, addressing the problems associated with splits and cracks are particularly important.

joist tape can extend the life of old or new floor joists

When re-flooring an older deck, applying deck joist tape to the top of the floor joists can significantly extend the life of the deck. Joist tape sheds water and seals around screws that secure the new floor boards.

New decks also benefit from joist tape. The environmentally friendly lumber produced today readily decays if subjected to persistent moisture. Deck joist tape protects the joists by keeping them dry. This in turn also protects the more venerable floor boards attached to the joists.

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