Frieze board

Frieze board

Frieze board – in residential construction, a horizontal (or angled when installed on gables) trim board installed flat against the wall and which covers the gap between the top of the siding or brick facade and the soffit.  Also any horizontal, sculptured or decorative band on a house, in a room, or on furniture.

Typical Eaves Detail with frieze board

Typical Eaves Detail


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0 Responses to Frieze board

  1. j rucker says:

    In the pic on the “Freize board” 11/24/14 by Tony Wood is there a 2 x 4 that the frieze board is attached to that covers the brick?

    • Tony Wood says:

      The illustration depicts one of multiple ways to frame for brick facade walls. In all proper framing methods there should be some type framing member positioned so as to provide a secure mounting surface for the frieze board