Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard – generic name for any of the plethora of products commercially available to prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating in gutters and restricting the proper flow of drain water.

Most gutter guards fall into one of four categories.

  1. slotted, punched hole or mesh – cover the top of the gutter and attempt to filter the leaves as the water flows into the gutter.
  2. In gutter – foam or bottle brush designs that fit in and fill the gutter, allowing water to flow through and displacing leaves and debris
  3. micro mesh – Similar to number one but with an extremely fine mesh that makes it more difficult for leaves, straw and other debris to get caught in the screen
  4. Reverse curve – metal or vinyl covers that take advantage of the adhesive properties  of water to direct the flow around a curve at the front of the gutter guard and back into the gutter while diverting the leaves onto the ground.
Vinyl gutter guards

Vinyl gutter guard

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