Wall Anchor

Wall Anchor

Wall Anchor – Generic term used to describe any of a large number of devices used to anchor items to a wall.  Wall anchors generally function in one of three ways:

  • Friction anchors – The anchor is inserted into a pre-drilled hole; a screw (which also supports the item to be secured) is then driven into the anchor causing it to expand and lock against the sides of the hole.
  • Self tapping anchors –  some plastic anchors utilize over sized threads to tap into in drywall  and then screw in snug.  A screw can then be driven into an existing hole in the center of the anchor to secure the desired item
  • Toggle anchors – Consist of a screw or bolt and a toggle. The screw with attached toggle is inserted into a pre-drilled hole whereupon a toggle expands to a size larger than the hole.  The screw or bolt can then be tightened pulling the toggle against the back side of the wall


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